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Prevent Terrorists from bombing the nuclear missile. The mission can be targeted from above and below. Team members must defuse any bombs that threaten targeted areas.

The Terrorist carrying the C4 must destroy the nuclear missile.

Other Notes
There are 2 bomb targets in the mission.
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wars played on de_nuke
29/09/2005PCW team2 19/06/2005#mG
09/06/2005Neutralized 09/06/2005DHT
02/06/2005FHB 17/07/6000D&H 0 name
22/05/2005aSv 17/05/2005LS
10/05/2005LS 17/07/8800D&H 0 name
01/05/2005SmD 17/07/9200LS
17/07/5200wicked 06/04/2005Kjs
28/03/2005PIL 27/03/2005nF
17/07/5200RsD 20/03/2005nF
14/03/2005FST 13/03/2005aem
07/03/2005SmSNu 06/03/2005crueL!
03/03/2005doc 23/02/2005v7
17/07/1200SmD 13/02/2005NUTS
17/07/800NUTS 30/01/2005TKI
20/01/2005OBL 18/01/2005#HwGclan
16/01/2005#69ER - Frazzled 17/07/6800#HwGclan
28/12/2004PIL 17/07/6400H3LL
14/12/20047 13/12/2004FST
06/12/2004GFF 05/12/2004InfecteD
30/11/2004Fear 29/11/2004Kthnxbye
29/11/2004@ 17/07/8800biHriH
08/11/2004GFF 07/11/2004pm
01/11/2004FST 25/10/2004#HwGclan
15/10/2004OMALAN 11/10/2004GFF
07/10/2004nF 07/10/2004#HwGclan
04/10/2004FST 03/10/2004BiEr
30/09/2004Storm 26/09/2004Squid
22/09/2004MMF 21/09/2004StieKuM
20/09/2004GFF 19/09/2004nF
13/09/2004StieKuM 06/09/2004MeLady
01/09/2004DcDnl 31/08/2004#eS#
26/08/2004FST 25/08/2004gOtgame!
23/08/2004GFF 22/08/2004ArT
17/08/2004iD 16/08/2004biHriH
15/08/2004#circumflex 03/08/2004Expl
02/08/2004GFF 19/07/2004GFF
07/07/2004BiEr 06/07/2004eQ
28/06/2004FST 24/06/2004BBE3
21/06/2004GFF 20/06/2004FuM
16/06/2004pm 14/06/2004Explodenl
13/06/2004BiEr 10/06/2004Storm
07/06/2004CL 06/06/2004LocS
02/06/2004FST 25/05/2004FuM
17/05/2004biHriH 16/05/2004p0w
11/05/2004FiST 10/05/2004PN
09/05/2004idd 03/05/2004Nz
02/05/2004CDT 26/04/2004CyW
25/04/2004PE#1 21/04/2004PCW team2
14/04/2004BiEr 07/04/2004 DC
01/04/2004CyW 31/03/2004:AM:

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