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Terrorist are attempting to blow up two critical gas pipeline through part of a small village.

Prevent the terrorists from destroying the pipelines.

Destroy the two gas pipelines.

Other Notes
There are 2 bomb sites in this mission.
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wars played on de_inferno
29/09/2005PCW team2 19/06/2005#mG
09/06/2005Neutralized 09/06/2005DHT
02/06/2005FHB 22/09/6000D&H 0 name
22/05/2005aSv 17/05/2005LS
10/05/2005LS 22/09/8800D&H 0 name
01/05/2005SmD 22/09/9200LS
22/09/5200wicked 06/04/2005Kjs
28/03/2005PIL 27/03/2005nF
22/09/5200RsD 20/03/2005nF
14/03/2005FST 13/03/2005aem
07/03/2005SmSNu 06/03/2005crueL!
03/03/2005doc 23/02/2005v7
22/09/1200SmD 13/02/2005NUTS
22/09/800NUTS 30/01/2005TKI
20/01/2005OBL 18/01/2005#HwGclan
16/01/2005#69ER - Frazzled 22/09/6800#HwGclan
28/12/2004PIL 22/09/6400H3LL
14/12/20047 13/12/2004FST
06/12/2004GFF 05/12/2004InfecteD
30/11/2004Fear 29/11/2004Kthnxbye
29/11/2004@ 22/09/8800biHriH
08/11/2004GFF 07/11/2004pm
01/11/2004FST 25/10/2004#HwGclan
15/10/2004OMALAN 11/10/2004GFF
07/10/2004nF 07/10/2004#HwGclan
04/10/2004FST 03/10/2004BiEr
30/09/2004Storm 26/09/2004Squid
22/09/2004MMF 21/09/2004StieKuM
20/09/2004GFF 19/09/2004nF
13/09/2004StieKuM 06/09/2004MeLady
01/09/2004DcDnl 31/08/2004#eS#
26/08/2004FST 25/08/2004gOtgame!
23/08/2004GFF 22/08/2004ArT
17/08/2004iD 16/08/2004biHriH
15/08/2004#circumflex 03/08/2004Expl
02/08/2004GFF 19/07/2004GFF
07/07/2004BiEr 06/07/2004eQ
28/06/2004FST 24/06/2004BBE3
21/06/2004GFF 20/06/2004FuM
16/06/2004pm 14/06/2004Explodenl
13/06/2004BiEr 10/06/2004Storm
07/06/2004CL 06/06/2004LocS
02/06/2004FST 25/05/2004FuM
17/05/2004biHriH 16/05/2004p0w
11/05/2004FiST 10/05/2004PN
09/05/2004idd 03/05/2004Nz
02/05/2004CDT 26/04/2004CyW
25/04/2004PE#1 21/04/2004PCW team2
14/04/2004BiEr 07/04/2004 DC
01/04/2004CyW 31/03/2004:AM:

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