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members guests member info  
real name  Niels van Haren
status  full-member
notes  Tactical Strike Force.
The only real way to have been an oldschool in The Netherlands!
Tactical Strike Force Website
or check Clanbase Tactical Strike Force Statistics

quoted from my old clanmate
ex Mysod Madb

Playing since 1999 Beta 3.
counterstrike related
steam-id  STEAM_0:1:338971
resolution  1024x786
sensitivity  3.0 C
fav. map  de_inferno, de_dust2
fav. weapon  M4A1, AK , AWP
hardware related
processor  AMD64 3400+
memory  Corsair XMS 512 DDR400 RAM
monitor  Compaq S710
graphics card  GeForce 6800GT 256 MB DDRlll
soundcard  Soundblaster Live 1024
mouse  Logitech MX900 BLuetooth
mousepad  Cheapass (still :) )
headphones  Sennheiser M@b30
last war  Mon 28/03/2005
demo(s)  demo overview
war(s)  war overview
matche(s)  23 officials / 2 practices
site related
last seen  11:23 - Mon 21/02/8489

Member of team
1. -=OMA=- Goes 20N2

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